Admission can be made online or by going to our main campus, and submit the following to the registrar’s office:

Initial Admission Requirement/s:

  • Original PSA Copy of Birth Certificate (Incoming Kinder–5 years old, Grade 1, Freshman/Grade 7 & Transferee)
  • Report Card (Form 138) and/or Form 137 (If available)
  • Good Moral Character
  • Transfer Credentials from Former School (for Transferees)
  • Medical Certificate (optional)
  • Four (4) Pcs. Passport Size (2″ X 2″) Color Picture of the Learner
  • One (1) Color 4R Family Picture (The Learner & The Parent/s)

NCA is now open for ONLINE Reservation! Hurry and reserve now! TO RESERVE A SLOT Please log in to your existing Gmail account (e-mail address) and fill out the form provided in the link below:

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