A few months after its School Year 2020-2021 opening on August 24, 2020, New Christian Academy (NCA) re-intensifies its online strength and capability in a rain-or-shine pre-scheduled workshop and conference in Lisland Rainforest Hotel and Resort in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan on the four-day holiday break of November 2020. As COVID-19 Pandemic heightens education challenges for every Filipino Family, NCA Administrative Officials, Founding Associates, and Academic Personnel convene in one of the City’s finest serenity-filled resorts to discuss and review the first quarter of its online curriculum offering. The topics for discussions that were resolved are:

  • Online curriculum content review, optimization, and development.
  • Online interaction protocols.
  • Online student performance evaluation and assessment.
  • Lesson preparations.
  • Development of instructional materials.

During the conference, Vice President Yoly Mallari emphasized the flexibility of interactions, requirements, and even assessment tests to maintain every family continuously motivated in facing this challenge under the new normal era. Founding Associate Dr. Seriel, discussed the conduct of continuous research for the development and simplification of self-learning instructional materials so that the utilization of the same will not be stressful with both parents and students. In conclusion, NCA should ensure that its clientele will get the fruitful online presence they deserve. [IATF-MGCQ Protocols were observed during the activity.]

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