The School Future That Has to Come!

The School Future That Has to Come!

New Christian Academy (NCA) has to announce that along with the preparations of our teaching force competence, and advancement is the construction schedule of a new building. In our quest to better serve you, our parents and students, and the community, NCA permanent building shall rise near the current one.

Recent years resulted in a much greater appreciation for the importance of teachers’ involvement in children’s education. As parents struggle to work with their children at home due to the pandemic, parents’ gratitude for teachers, their skills, and their invaluable role in student well-being has risen. Hence, face-to-face classes became a quest for families to their early resumption.

It is undeniable that long before man invented school, educating children was done at home. There is no other place on earth where man’s progeny learned their first lesson as human beings. Indeed, home is where every human being was first educated. When schools came into being, they became the second home of children. Hence, NCA is eying for further development of our physical plant to make your children’s second home conducive for their learning and as a whole-day dwelling.

However, all of us, including you dear parents, must constantly look beyond these concerns to what possible modalities for our children’s education. Cognizant of the preceding, there is a need to promote and widen children’s access to quality education. Aside from the traditional in-school education practice, we have to consider the alternative schooling practice formally.

The New Christian Academy shall continue to practice online and blended learning as a secondary or corollary to educating children. There are children out there who cannot afford formal instruction in a traditional school for some reason or other circumstances. Every individual has a unique learning style; thus, NCA shall address this instinctive learning style efficiently and effectively. NCA shall provide or allow an alternative delivery system of education to these children. An alternative answer to providing education for children is Online Learning, Blended Learning, and up to the extent of considering a Homeschooling Program.

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