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The School Future That Has to Come!

The School Future That Has to Come! New Christian Academy (NCA) has to announce that along with the preparations of our teaching force competence, and advancement is the construction schedule of a new building. In our quest to better serve you, our parents and students, and the community, NCA permanent...
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Team Building 2022

Diversity makes us unique not only in our being and personality but also in our beliefs, experiences, and family and cultural backgrounds. Things that make us who we are contributing to our differences in how we view our environment and world. Schools refine this diversity by providing formal education and...
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Thanks to the Department of Education’s awareness of the current situation of the private schools’ sector. Due to the pandemic brought by Covid-19 on the private sector’s operation, in its early statement this week, DepEd has allowed private schools to continue blended and full-distance learning modes after November 2, 2022....
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Adjustments and Safety Under New Normal

To ensure NCA meets the safety standards of the new normal lifestyle brought upon by this Covid-19 pandemic, NCA is teaming up with MENRACare Products. This Era of Blended Learning system gives our students and parents the service they deserve. Every doorway in and out of our school building is...
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June 8, 2020 – We thank the President for reiterating the national government’s willingness to assist us in our endeavor to offer alternatives to face-to-face learning despite the public health situation. We will comply with the President’s directive to postpone face-to-face classes until a vaccine is available. We assure our...
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